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I have never felt so ripped off by a company.The funny thing is that this same company also sold them on e bay under a different name.

Both are selling fake uggs. They take forever to get here and they say made in China on the box. My daugher is so upset because I ordered both pairs for her. I have now requested a refund.

Let's see how that goes. I will never deal with a company like that again. I have learned my lesson. I will only purchase from the real deal.

Watch out people or they will fool you too.

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UggBoutique - Rip of scam company uggs boutique

Wilmington, Delaware 7 comments
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This company is such a rip off they don't even know how to spell.They are very unproffessional.

If you call their so call customer service phone# on there website it will direct you to a personal cell phone voicemail by the fake name of uggs boutique. There probably selling fake uggs boutique out of there basement. They tried to get my money but I caught on to there scam quick and got my bank to dispute the charges and got my money back.

So i recommend that you don't buy anything from this so call uggs boutique!!

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Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #85189

I saw that Ugg Boutique is back!I purchased from them about one year ago and was extremely upset by my experience: the boots did LOOK exactly like the real deal but the horrible smell made me suspicious since I have a pair of real Ugg and never had the same thing happening.

It was almost like a chemical smell so strong that I had to stop wearing them. Also. the inside was not as comfortable as the real ones. When I realized the scam, I went to the web site but I found it "under investigation" and found several complaints about it.

So, please, be smart!

The prices are unrealistic and have contacted the UGG Company.I hope someone pays for taking advantage of customers.


uggs is very rich in species.While everyone would like the different style, color, etc.

But when they reference other categories of shoes, many people still choose uggs.For me

personally, I liked ugg boots, and I often buy it.This blog has also written about the

uggs very well. Loving uggs friends can get a lot of help.

#49927 is selling fake uggs, too. Any connection?


For people that like to come here and complain, you should check out and see why they are trying to discredit uggboutique.


i also ordered "uggs" from that site and came to find they were fake. I think everyone who has a problem should contact the actual ugg company and inform them of these people ripping them off just as I did... I hope they are ready for what is coming to them !


wow.uggboutique is just a really idiotic site.

any claim that is made claiming they are fake, they act extremely unreasonable and close-minded. i recently ordered uggs from the site as well, and surprise, surprise, wasn't satisfied. sorry i dislike paying an expensive price for fake uggs; also, sorry i'm not an *** actually caught on to the whole aspect of them being 'fake' as in not genuine uggs. classy, classy site.


Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #40462

This individual




United States

was refunded same day purchase was made for several reasons

1 she was rude

2 emailed over and over within several hours

3 left several messages screaming and insulting because she had not received a response to her dozen emails , uggboutique has zero tolerance for ignorance and individuals who believe that their purchase allows them to insult anyone and treat without respect any of our employees. Based on that policy we reserve the right to cancel orders / refund and not ship to a client if we choose to .

Since she fell in that category her order was refunded and blocked from any future purchases from uggboutique , therefore she simply tried to ruin our reputation by posting bogus information about our company

This is her refund authorization number and original authorization number

SHALLY21@COMCAST.NET status: Refunded @ 15:55:49 Oct 06, 2008 PDT

Parent Trans ID:63P762805K928584M

Trans ID:03B392847A830023T

Amount: -121.89 USD

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Do not order from, they sold me fake, knock off uggs

Syracuse, New York 7 comments
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i ordered from and they advertised "real" authentic uggs, but what i got were fake knock off uggs.everything about them were cheap!

on the website they show the real uggs, they look totally different then the ones you actually get. do not order from this company!! i am currently filing a complaint with the better business bureau and with paypal. and the way that i have to return them is very shady.

they want me to lie about the value of them on the customs form, and if i dont they said that they would not accept them.stay away from the!!

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#355545 is a fraud!!!!They sold me FAKE ugg boots!

Don't ever buy from this site!!!!!The most dishonest part is that they put pictures of the real uggs in the site!!!


Don't order from UGG Franchisee either.

Website domain is one letter off from authorized dealer.



UGG spelled professional wrong...

if you are a real ugg distributer why "don't you have Deckers Products"?



The site is a scam.

Like gunnar2008 said, they advertise the real uggs on the site, but you do not get those actual uggs once you order them.I knew they were fake immediately from the tag on the back, the slight odor, and the off color.



Actually I just ordered ugg boots from as well.After finally getting them, I came to find out they were fake as well.

They look almost identical to the real uggs, but they are not.

Do not buy from this site.

The dishonesty was disappointing.

Hauser, Idaho, United States #32643

actually, thats pretty sad that you would throw someones address out there, especially when you have the wrong person! my name is not beth east and i do not request free merchandise, and this is the first time i have ever commented online about a website. once again, i had my own experience with uggboutique,but nice try.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #32641

Not true , post made by proffecional internet scam artist and extorsionist, her name is

Beth East

2015 Kalama Ave

Royal Oak, MI 48067

United States

She will request free merchandise, if not she will post negative comments online , just a sad person ....

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